Truckee Supercharger Digout

Stopped by the Truckee Safeway Supercharger a day after the biggest storm to hit Truckee in many years. Mounds of snow, a few stalls somewhat inaccessible, but not bad considering most of Truckee had no power less than 48 hours ago. As for my Model S 90D? All wheel drive, all season tires on 19″ wheels, heated seats, and an air suspension to rise over … Continue reading Truckee Supercharger Digout

My Tesla website updated to remove supercharger credit card section

And just like that, the section to add your credit card for future purchases has been removed from the My Tesla part of Tesla’s website. The section showed up about a week ago and replaced the activate AutoPilot section. A day or so ago a story broke that the HTML code showed a commented out section that revealed Tesla plans to charge by the kHz … Continue reading My Tesla website updated to remove supercharger credit card section

Tesla Supercharger Wait

More and more Tesla owners means more and more cars at the Superchargers. The San Mateo Supercharger, a frequent stop of mine as I drive to the San Jose, is a popular spot with locals and commuters. I have never seen a full bay of Tesla’s except at peninsula locations such as Mountain View and San Mateo, a sign of Tesla’s success in Silicon Valley. … Continue reading Tesla Supercharger Wait

Supercharger Throttling Explained

I stopped by the San Mateo supercharger today and chatted with the Tesla rep that’s assigned to the location. It was like a full service gas station btw, I pulled in, and there was a Tesla capped gentleman putting the charger into my car. Nice touch Tesla! So we got to talking and I asked why this time I was getting around 250 miles per … Continue reading Supercharger Throttling Explained

Aren’t Tesla Supercharger Spots Sacred Ground?

ICE cars behaving badly. If you haven’t learned the lingo yet, an ICE car is an “internal combustion engine” vehicle. You know, the ones we used to own. Remember when you started seeing EV (electric vehicle) parking popping up at ideal locations and you weren’t allowed to park there? Did it bother you? Well it looks like some folks have chosen to ignore the whole … Continue reading Aren’t Tesla Supercharger Spots Sacred Ground?