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Tesla AutoPilot Should Be Free (for now)

Rumors of crashes and rumors of deaths blamed on Tesla’s AutoPilot feature abound right now. There’s also news of someone claiming AutoPilot saved their life, so what are you to believe? The fact is there are conflicting reports about a sought after feature that is unapologetically still in Beta (AutoSteer). So here’s an opinion and some advice for Tesla. Make the feature free… at least … Continue reading Tesla AutoPilot Should Be Free (for now)

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How to save $1000 on the cost of a Tesla

Tesla has launched its latest promotion saving new buyers $1000 off cost. The program is very simple. You have until October 15th, 2016 to finalize your configuration and place your order. Truth is, you can finalize your configuration pretty much up to one week after you place your order, so most important is starting the process with your $2500 downpayment. Use the link here to register … Continue reading How to save $1000 on the cost of a Tesla