California Tesla Model S / Model X Rebates & Discounts (Full List)

Here is a complete (and growing) list of discounts and rebates for residents of California. There are currently over $11,500 in discounts & rebates available if you qualify. I will continue to update this list as it evolves with time, so check back when you are in the planning stages, order stage, and after delivery. Federal Rebate: $7500 Provided in the form of a federal … Continue reading California Tesla Model S / Model X Rebates & Discounts (Full List)


Tesla Model S meets Military Humvee

Need a weaponized Tesla? Or at least inspiration for what one might look like? Tesla’s marketing team is woo’ing vets with a military concept Model S. Camouflage 21″ rims,  stealth window tint, rear window armor, combat ready roof rack, topped with a full camouflage body wrap, including an extra layer of vinyl rivits. Under the hood “so to speak” an air suspension raises the vehicle … Continue reading Tesla Model S meets Military Humvee


What’s with the Tesla Circular Speedometer?

I’m a little over 60 days in on my refreshed Model S 90D and I’ve been noticing screenshots, even recent ones, of the Tesla speedometer, and it looks different than mine. As the image above shows, there is a circular speedometer out there that I haven’t for the life of me figured out how to toggle on. Finally, I found a great writeup over at … Continue reading What’s with the Tesla Circular Speedometer?

san mateo tesla supercharger

Supercharger Throttling Explained

I stopped by the San Mateo supercharger today and chatted with the Tesla rep that’s assigned to the location. It was like a full service gas station btw, I pulled in, and there was a Tesla capped gentleman putting the charger into my car. Nice touch Tesla! So we got to talking and I asked why this time I was getting around 250 miles per … Continue reading Supercharger Throttling Explained


Tesla Update Walkthrough – v7.1 (2.32.23)

Tesla pushed an update tonight. Update 2.32.23 to be precise. I remember there wasn’t much visibility pre-purchase with how the update process works for Tesla so I’ve documented it below. Your Tesla has an update ready for you when you see the Yellow Alarm Clock in the right half of the system icons. Clicking the alarm clock brings up the Software Update scheduler. This screen … Continue reading Tesla Update Walkthrough – v7.1 (2.32.23)


Tesla Premium Rear Console Pics and Review

The Tesla Premium Rear Console is the current Tesla designed and manufactured console for the rear seat of the Model S. The Tesla Rear Console provides two drink holders for rear passengers along with an ample storage compartment. For those of you with kids this is a necessary addition to your Model S. Given that the Model S doors and seats provide zero storage, your rear … Continue reading Tesla Premium Rear Console Pics and Review