Pebble’s Three Biggest Problems

My three biggest gripes about Pebble. Three areas of execution where they simply lose compared to the other devices in my life. Too many firmware updates. Geez, do I really need a watch that nags me about firmware updates almost every other week? No. I want a smartwatch that’s smart enough to update in the background, or to save its updates for once a quarter at … Continue reading Pebble’s Three Biggest Problems

Audi Diesel 3.0 Settlement Status

It’s July 24th and still no word on what the Audi TDI 3.0 Settlement will be. Late last month Audi started telling everyone they would have this solved, it’s in the bag, no problem, we’ll fix your 3.0 and send you on your merry way, most likely with no settlement. Then CARB shut that down with a flat out rejection. So now we wait, with … Continue reading Audi Diesel 3.0 Settlement Status

Open Letter to Xbox 360 & Xbox One: Stop Forcing Updates

Hey Xbox, the fastest way to truly become an ex-box is to keep forcing updates on us everytime we want to play a game. We’ve got 15 minutes before dinner. We want to race cars, shoot the bad guy, or complete a quick level, but you stop us. You tell us how we can either download and install an update, or turn off the Xbox. … Continue reading Open Letter to Xbox 360 & Xbox One: Stop Forcing Updates