The Free Xfinity Voice Remote

As voice remotes become the new norm, several front runners are leading the pack. Apple Siri Remote, Amazon Fire Remote, and the Roku Voice Remote are all breaking new ground in natural language voice search of their respective media boxes. None of this should surprise any of us. These are the rockstars of the streaming media world. However “the establishment” of Pay TV have taken … Continue reading The Free Xfinity Voice Remote

Discontinued: Tesla Premium Rear Console

Earlier today the Tesla Premium Rear Console was confirmed discontinued by Tesla Online Sales. Previously several specific finishes were on back order, but now the entire line of rear consoles has been discontinued. Earlier this week I posted a review of the rear console and pointed out a few negative aspects, but overall it’s a good console. Does this mean the $600 rear console is now a … Continue reading Discontinued: Tesla Premium Rear Console

Tesla Premium Rear Console Pics and Review

The Tesla Premium Rear Console is the current Tesla designed and manufactured console for the rear seat of the Model S. The Tesla Rear Console provides two drink holders for rear passengers along with an ample storage compartment. For those of you with kids this is a necessary addition to your Model S. Given that the Model S doors and seats provide zero storage, your rear … Continue reading Tesla Premium Rear Console Pics and Review

Wink Relay one year later, Pros & Cons

One year later, I have three relays. Two in my primary home, and one in my secondary home. Here are the pros and cons after living with them for a year. Pros: Very attractive on the wall. One of mine sits next to the Nest thermostat and looks great. Dedicated software and hardware buttons for everything that Wink Supports Easy way to setup a “Hello” and “Goodbye” … Continue reading Wink Relay one year later, Pros & Cons

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How to save $1000 on the cost of a Tesla

Tesla has launched its latest promotion saving new buyers $1000 off cost. The program is very simple. You have until October 15th, 2016 to finalize your configuration and place your order. Truth is, you can finalize your configuration pretty much up to one week after you place your order, so most important is starting the process with your $2500 downpayment. Use the link here to register … Continue reading How to save $1000 on the cost of a Tesla

Pebble’s Three Biggest Problems

My three biggest gripes about Pebble. Three areas of execution where they simply lose compared to the other devices in my life. Too many firmware updates. Geez, do I really need a watch that nags me about firmware updates almost every other week? No. I want a smartwatch that’s smart enough to update in the background, or to save its updates for once a quarter at … Continue reading Pebble’s Three Biggest Problems

Open Letter to Xbox 360 & Xbox One: Stop Forcing Updates

Hey Xbox, the fastest way to truly become an ex-box is to keep forcing updates on us everytime we want to play a game. We’ve got 15 minutes before dinner. We want to race cars, shoot the bad guy, or complete a quick level, but you stop us. You tell us how we can either download and install an update, or turn off the Xbox. … Continue reading Open Letter to Xbox 360 & Xbox One: Stop Forcing Updates