Supercharger Throttling Explained

I stopped by the San Mateo supercharger today and chatted with the Tesla rep that’s assigned to the location. It was like a full service gas station btw, I pulled in, and there was a Tesla capped gentleman putting the charger into my car. Nice touch Tesla! So we got to talking and I asked why this time I was getting around 250 miles per … Continue reading Supercharger Throttling Explained

Tesla Update Walkthrough – v7.1 (2.32.23)

Tesla pushed an update tonight. Update 2.32.23 to be precise. I remember there wasn’t much visibility pre-purchase with how the update process works for Tesla so I’ve documented it below. Your Tesla has an update ready for you when you see the Yellow Alarm Clock in the right half of the system icons. Clicking the alarm clock brings up the Software Update scheduler. This screen … Continue reading Tesla Update Walkthrough – v7.1 (2.32.23)

Tesla AutoPilot Beta

Tesla AutoPilot Should Be Free (for now)

Rumors of crashes and rumors of deaths blamed on Tesla’s AutoPilot feature abound right now. There’s also news of someone claiming AutoPilot saved their life, so what are you to believe? The fact is there are conflicting reports about a sought after feature that is unapologetically still in Beta (AutoSteer). So here’s an opinion and some advice for Tesla. Make the feature free… at least … Continue reading Tesla AutoPilot Should Be Free (for now)

Tesla + SolarCity, a consumer’s perspective

A quick google of Tesla in the news today shows the many popular perspectives of Tesla. It’s popular amongst investors to talk about how much money Tesla needs. It’s popular amongst environmentalists to praise Tesla for moving us off of fossil fuels. It’s popular to talk about how Elon Musk is going to fail, and it’s equally popular to talk about how he’s going to succeed. … Continue reading Tesla + SolarCity, a consumer’s perspective

Aren’t Tesla Supercharger Spots Sacred Ground?

ICE cars behaving badly. If you haven’t learned the lingo yet, an ICE car is an “internal combustion engine” vehicle. You know, the ones we used to own. Remember when you started seeing EV (electric vehicle) parking popping up at ideal locations and you weren’t allowed to park there? Did it bother you? Well it looks like some folks have chosen to ignore the whole … Continue reading Aren’t Tesla Supercharger Spots Sacred Ground?

Kuna – Front Porch Security Camera Review

The Kuna security camera is my favorite solution for security around the perimiter of my homes. I own Dropcams, Nestcams, Ring Doorbells, and have owned and returned a Canary Security System, but of all the cameras I’ve tried, Kuna is by far the best. I’ve never owned a traditional security camera system. The whole category was relatively new to me when I purchased my first Dropcam. … Continue reading Kuna – Front Porch Security Camera Review

Tesla Mobile App Screenshots

The Tesla mobile app hides behind a login that you only get activated once you receive your car. Not too helpful when you are researching or curious what all functionality Tesla has enabled. Prior to purchase I was thinking I might be able to raise and lower my Tesla Air Suspension using the Air or lower all the windows with the click of a button, … Continue reading Tesla Mobile App Screenshots