I’m a tech entrepreneur that loves new products that focus on a great user experience. As a professional I work with the top companies in Silicon Valley on their newest products. As a journalist I write about my personal experiences.

With this reviews & news site I hope to shed light on products that get it right. Products that have been well thought out, tested, improved, and are commercially available. Sometimes a product has a lot of promise but falls flat once it’s taken out of the package, others ripe with age and get better and better the more you rely on them.

I own and live with all the products I review and provide insights other commercial review sites overlook due to their brief time with the products, or influence by sponsors. Advicebox has no sponsors. The only tangible benefit derived from the site is the occasional referral through the discount codes I’ll post from time to time.

Let me know your thoughts by commenting on the posts and participating in the dialogue.

I hope you enjoy,