Tesla Autopilot Trial Didn’t Work – Screenshots

UPDATE 8/11/18

Tesla Service in Rocklin California are rockstars. Without even an appointment due to the schedule fully blocked they still made time yesterday to calibrate the Autopilot cameras for over an hour. That did the trick. Enhanced Autopilot is now working. Full review of my experience vs the original HW1 Autopilot coming next week.

UPDATE 8/10/18: I have a service appointment tomorrow and it has been suggested the service techs need about an hour driving the vehicle around 40mph. This would be to calibrate the cameras. More tomorrow after I see if they can resolve things.


It’s an amazing thing to think your car gets an over the air update and magically quasi self drives the next morning. But it didn’t work. Below are the screens I was greeted with this morning, culminating in a better call service if you want it to work screen on the drivers display. The Model X in question is from Dec 26, 2017, so relatively it’s a newer HW2 vehicle. I have a call into the service center to see what they think but looks like it basically didn’t work. Hopefully they will reset the 14 days once they resolve.

Also as a bit of a warning, regular cruise control is disabled and autopilot doesn’t function. So if you find your self in a similar spot you’ve basically got nothing until resolved. I will add that the Order screen also went to a blank screen.

So hopefully Tesla can do some testing and improve the experience, because for now I’m dead on the water with Autopilot.

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