Tesla Roadside Assistance Tire Swap

Tesla continues to amaze. The latest update to their already extremely consumer friendly Roadside Assistance Program is the ability to do a mobile tire swap.

It’s actually a very simple concept , but let’s break it down. Tesla will come to you with a full size spare tire. They will remove the wheel and tire that’s having the issue, and install the full size and fully inflated loaner tire. At that point you are free to continued your trip. The driver will deliver your wheel/tire to the closest Tesla Service Center when they reopen. Your tire will be repaired in due time and the service center will reach out to arrange the swap back. The service representative I spoke to even suggested they may be able to transfer the repaired tire to my closest service center if it is not the one I am currently near.

Wow. This is so convenient for customers.

Take for example my evening. Halfway through a Sunday we discovered one of the tires on my Model X was underflated. We visited the nearby gas station to refill the tire but hours later it was back to 32psi… 47psi is normal. So I decided to call Tesla to see what options they had. After a short wait I spoke with the rep and explained my concern with needing to get back to the Bay Area tonight and wasn’t sure how she could help. She asked to call me back so she could vet out some options. Within five minutes she had me scheduled for a mobile visit about 90 minutes out, which actually only took about an hour. But for a Sunday night in a non metropolitan area I was more than pleased.

What I’m most impressed by is Tesla’s investment to stock full size owner spares in a quantity and coverage capacity to meet the need. I asked the service tech if he has done one of there’s before and he said all the time with two earlier just today 🙂

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