California Tesla Model S / Model X Rebates & Discounts (Full List)

Here is a complete (and growing) list of discounts and rebates for residents of California. There are currently over $11,500 in discounts & rebates available if you qualify. I will continue to update this list as it evolves with time, so check back when you are in the planning stages, order stage, and after delivery.

  • Federal Rebate: $7500
    • Provided in the form of a federal tax rebate when you file your annual taxes.
    • More Information
    • Form
  • California Clean Vehicle Rebate Program: $2500
  • California Owner Referral Discount: $1000
  • PG&E Clean Fuel Rebate: $500
  • Electric Time of Use (TOU) Reduced Rates
    • Switching from a tiered (amount of use) to a time of use plan can reduce your electric rate as your consumption will increase with electric vehicle ownership.
    • Rates vary by energy provider.
  • Carpool Lane & Fast Track HOV Access: Free



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