Model 3 Line Jumping

Tesla’s upcoming mainstream Model 3 is in high demand. Rightfully so, it’s a $35,000 electric sedan with over 215 mile range, and all the finesse of a Tesla. With preorders over 400,000, and current production only up to 100,000 a year at this time (500k / year planned by 2018), folks standing in line for the Model 3 will be waiting for some time to come.

It takes $1000 to get in line. You can pre-order today from the Tesla website.

But that will only put you in line with the others, which will loosely put you in spot 400,001. Not a great place to be.


Here’s how you can line jump. There are three ways.

  1. Become a Tesla or Space X employee  – with aprox. 19,000 employees worldwide, and a limit of 2 per order, this will put you in the top 10% of orders. While this option does require a career change, potential relocation, and the good fortune of actually being offered a job, it will secure you the best chance of receiving your Model 3 in late 2017 (assuming the Model 3 launches on time).
  2. Become an owner of a Model S or Model X – By far the best choice. Starting at $55,000 after tax rebate and referral discount, or a $550 / month lease before taxes (see below for calculation and $1000 referral code), you can lease or purchase a new Tesla and pull ahead of all reservation holders that don’t currently own a Tesla. Based on current estimates, that would put you taking delivery in about a year and a half at the earliest depending upon how many other current owners have placed orders.
  3. Move to the West Coast of the United States – Moving and relocating your family will only move you in front of order holders in the Midwest, East Coast, and International Orders. If you are considering this option, you might as well apply for a job at Tesla or SpaceX to make the move more impactful.

Purchasing a Model S or X right now allows you to enjoy the benefits of driving a Tesla immediately, while moving you up in Model 3 queue. regarding the Model S or X, you will receive up to $10,000 back in tax rebates, and there is currently a $1000 credit if you order before October 15th. Click the link or share the code with your Tesla sales rep. Referral Code: tim6098

Leasing a Model S or X just got a lot easier too. In just the past 24 hours Tesla has announced a limited trial of 2 Year Lease Plans, which bring the monthly lease down to $550 / month before taxes and including the $1000 referral discount.

In the example below I have reflected the $1000 referral savings as an increase to the down payment.

Here’s the announcement for the new Leasing plans.

Tesla 2 Year Lease

If you are can afford two cars, then read no more. If you can’t, then you simply need to sell the Model S or Model X around the time of Model 3 delivery or choose a two year lease. Tesla can help with this via their trade in program or you can sell the Tesla private party.

There are many reasons one would want early delivery of the Model 3. From tax rebate elegibility to carpool lane stickers, to first Model 3 on the block, most reservation holders want their Model 3 as soon as Tesla can deliver it. Now that you know the options, how far are you willing to go?

And if you are still learning about Tesla, check out my other articles based on my personal experience with the car and company. 

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