Tesla Update Walkthrough – v7.1 (2.32.23)

Tesla pushed an update tonight. Update 2.32.23 to be precise. I remember there wasn’t much visibility pre-purchase with how the update process works for Tesla so I’ve documented it below.

Your Tesla has an update ready for you when you see the Yellow Alarm Clock in the right half of the system icons. Clicking the alarm clock brings up the Software Update scheduler. This screen usually appears on its own the first time a new update is available. The screen allows you to “install now”, or schedule your update. There is also an aproximation of how long the update will take. I found this estimate to be way off, so it’s hard to believe they are doing any measurement of my specific bandwidth when determining the estimate. My actual update too aprox. 25 minutes.

Interesting enough, the small print on the schedule screen warns you that your car will turn on and off, and me be disarmed for a temporary period. Comically, the screen also warns your car may raise and lower if equipped with an air suspension. Imagine your restless little car going up and down in the garage while you sleep.


The small warnings, repeat, but in legible print on the second screen you’ll see during an update. I prompted this screen by choosing “install now” on the previous screen. After the countdown completes the car begins to install the update. There are no additional screen changes until the install completes.

If you are away from your vehicle, the first notice you’ll see if on your phone. A notification is pushed that informs you the software update is now complete. Heading over to the Tesla touchscreen and you’ll find the “What’s New” screen. Unfortunately this update appears to be a boring one, with only “minor fixes and improvements”. The update process doesn’t do anything to inform you prior to completion as to the nature of your update. This is possibley something Tesla may want to improve on in the future, as most consumers appreciate knowing what benefits they may get prior to approving an update.

I’m looking forward to some more meaningful updates, but it’s great to see how Tesla is continuing to improve my investment post sale.

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