Aren’t Tesla Supercharger Spots Sacred Ground?

ICE cars behaving badly. If you haven’t learned the lingo yet, an ICE car is an “internal combustion engine” vehicle. You know, the ones we used to own. Remember when you started seeing EV (electric vehicle) parking popping up at ideal locations and you weren’t allowed to park there? Did it bother you? Well it looks like some folks have chosen to ignore the whole premise.

Less than a month in on my new Tesla and I’m visiting as many superchargers as I can. Twice in my first month I’ve visited the Truckee supercharger over by 50/50 Brewery, and twice I’ve seen non-Teslas parking in the Tesla-only supercharger spots. Is this common? I haven’t seen it in other locations, but not all locations have prime spots in crowded areas like this one in Truckee, California. My kids thought it was pretty funny, but we shrugged it off as there were plenty of open supercharger spots for us at that time.

So there must be a phone number or entity to contact when there are violations like this, right? I would hate to see this become a trend across supercharger locations.

1st visit to the Truckee Tesla Supercharger
2nd visit to the Truckee Tesla Supercharger

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3 thoughts on “Aren’t Tesla Supercharger Spots Sacred Ground?

  1. Yes, there is a phone number on the side of the supercharger. Tesla can’t do anything about it if they don’t know about it. I called once before for similar issue, emailed them photos and they took care of it.

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  2. While annoying, there’s little you can do about ICEing. Sounds like this location has more traffic than most, and parking is tight there. Perhaps Tesla should look into another location in the long term.


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