Kuna – Front Porch Security Camera Review

The Kuna security camera is my favorite solution for security around the perimiter of my homes. I own Dropcams, Nestcams, Ring Doorbells, and have owned and returned a Canary Security System, but of all the cameras I’ve tried, Kuna is by far the best.

I’ve never owned a traditional security camera system. The whole category was relatively new to me when I purchased my first Dropcam. It didn’t take long to learn the shortcomings and strengths of the then market leading Dropcam. I was very pleased with the high resolution image, ability to zoom in, and night vision, but I was also left wanting when it came to quickly scanning incidents, and there was no support for outdoor mounting, which is actually where my security needs are. Next I purchased a Ring Doorbell hoping to solve my front door security concerns. High hopes fell flat. My install of Ring is still to this day plagued with wireless connectivity latency, to an inability to see out of the camera any time I want. Ring only turns on when there is an incident or doorbell push. Lame. I have heard that is addressed with a new version coming out, a Pro model (requires a new purchase), but that doesn’t fix the latency and delays caused by poor wireless connection. Which is not an install problem because the Kuna resides right above the Ring and doesn’t have any of these problems. So moving on, I purchased the Kuna to solve several of these previous complaints. I can say the Kuna exceeded expecations so much that I now have 4 of them between two homes, and soon will add the powered by Kuna “Toucan” product at a friend’s house.

Kuna Multi-Camera App View

Here’s what I love most about Kuna:

  • Complete Camera & Lighting Solution
    • The Kuna is a complete light and camera solution. The aesthetic blends in and replaces your current porch light. There are three styles to choose from.
  • Motion Video Clip Previews
    • By far the best, and most unique approach to scanning your incidents. None of the other products I’ve tried had this. This feature saves me a lot of time. By quick scanning the current timeline, I can zero in on incidents that deserve my attention, and move quickly past incidents like the mailman.
  • “Person” & “Not Person” Smart Learning
    • This feature really does improve the experience over time. I routinely take the time to swipe left and tag my clips for people and for false positives. This has been extremely helpful in reducing non-events, such as plants swaying in the wind, or cars driving by.
  • Easy Downloading of Key Clips
    • Again, not all products allow this, or make it easy. Kuna allows downloading of some or all clips depending upon the subscription plan you choose.
  • Subscription Truly Not Required
    • Many devices, especially the ones I’ve previously purchased, all seem to require a subscription to get any long lasting utility from the camera. The Nest Dropcam & Nestcam are notorious for putting the most needed functionality beyond a subscription wall. When I purchased my initial Kunas, they had not launched subscription plans so I enjoyed all the functionality.  Since then they have launched 3 plans, ranging from $5 – $20 / month depending upon the number of Kunas you own. While Kuna may introduce changes in the future, the benefits found in the subscription program are additive, and not required to view the camera live, view animated thumbnails & recordings, or download key recordings. These three free key features will hopefully remain free.
  • Interactivity
    • The Kuna provides a two way speaker & microphone allowing dialogue with visitors, as well as a siren, and some pre-recorded messages.

Here’s what I would love to see in the future:

  • Night Vision
    • Other cameras boast infared lighting to assist in the evening after dark. The Kuna relies on the porch light to illuminate the picture. While the porch light illuminates automatically with motion, it does leave room for improvement with the addition of infared. The Nest cameras all do an excellent job in this department.
  • Compatibility with 3rd Party Porch Lights
    • While almost solved with the new Toucan, it does not work with flood-type porch lights which are quite common. Ideally Kuna would design compatibility in a way that works with a variety of 3rd party porch lights.

 The Kuna Camera captured a stranger using my hose to wash their car. The stranger was a squatter occupying a foreclosed house down the street. Not an everyday occurance, but great to have captured on the Kuna. I would never have known.

In summary, the Kuna makes an ideal home security camera monitoring your various porches and home entrances, and providing a very effecitve mobile app for live viewing, reviewing recordings, and interacting with visitors.

If you plan to purchase one, you can receive $10 off by using the Advicebox referral link.

Screenshot Gallery:

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