Tesla Mobile App Screenshots

The Tesla mobile app hides behind a login that you only get activated once you receive your car. Not too helpful when you are researching or curious what all functionality Tesla has enabled. Prior to purchase I was thinking I might be able to raise and lower my Tesla Air Suspension using the Air or lower all the windows with the click of a button, but turns out you can’t.

So here’s the list of core functionality you get with the app:

  • Charge Status
  • Lock Status
  • Vent Roof
  • Lock/Unlock the car
  • Honk Horn
  • Flash Lights
  • Start Car
  • Set Charge Limit
  • Set Interior Climate
  • Find Location of the Car
  • Valet Mode

My advice to Tesla would be to have a mock login or sample pages that are accessible to everyone. So until they do, here are all the screens I could quickly grab off the current app. One month in on my Tesla and I would say I use pretty much all the features except the map. Since I don’t lose track of my expensive Tesla I’m not really sure when I’ll need that screen.


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