Discontinued: Tesla Premium Rear Console

Earlier today the Tesla Premium Rear Console was confirmed discontinued by Tesla Online Sales.

Discontinued Tesla Premium Rear Consle

Previously several specific finishes were on back order, but now the entire line of rear consoles has been discontinued.

Discontinued Tesla Premium Rear Console Store

Earlier this week I posted a review of the rear console and pointed out a few negative aspects, but overall it’s a good console. Does this mean the $600 rear console is now a collector’s item?

The cancellation is not entirely surprising given the amount of effort required to install and uninstall the console everytime a fifth passenger rides in the Model S. It is also not surprising given some of the posts in the Tesla forums around broken hinges.

Hopefully Tesla is rethinking their approach and will release a superior solution. In the end, this editor thinks the best solution lies in an integrated one with the back seat similar to those found in Audi. Works great, provides ample storage and cup holders, and conveinently dissappears when a 5th passenger is on board.

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