Tesla Premium Rear Console Pics and Review

The Tesla Premium Rear Console is the current Tesla designed and manufactured console for the rear seat of the Model S.

The Tesla Rear Console provides two drink holders for rear passengers along with an ample storage compartment. For those of you with kids this is a necessary addition to your Model S. Given that the Model S doors and seats provide zero storage, your rear passengers have zero options to hold their drinks, phones, tablets, wallets etc.

At a current cost of $600, the base price of the console is not pocket change. That said, most likely your Tesla cost you more than a few Benjamins too, and you justified it because it is a premium product. I can say as an owner of the Tesla Premium Rear Console it is a premium product as well and not just because they call it that, hah. The fit and finish matches that of the car and uses the same materials.  You can also order one that matches your inside trim so it blends in with the rest of your interior. And if you haven’t purchased your Tesla yet, until October 15th you can save $1000 through the referral program that you can put towards the purchase of the console. Use the link here to register your Tesla $1000 discount.

While 3rd party rear consoles exist, none carry the Tesla brand and pedigree delivered by the same folks that built the actual car.

Nothing is perfect. While Tesla gets almost everything right on the console in the eyes of rear passengers, there are some gripes from the perspective of the car owner. First, the rear console is a little bit of a pain to install. I would describe it as similar to installing a child car seat. One must push a retention strap underneath the seat so it can hook into a retaining hook on the rear of the seat. This requires both squeezing your hands through the seat to feed the strap into your trunk, as well as partially crawling (depending upon your height, I’m 5’9″) into the trunk to pull the strap through and hook it into the retention hook.

While a small pain like this can be forgiven once or twice, the owner of the car must uninstall and re-install every time the middle rear seat is required. Most manufacturers solve for this by providing a built in rear console that folds back into the seat conveiently. I can only imagine Tesla has skipped this for now due to time constraints solving larger problems like Gullwing doors on the Model X, and other higher priority complexities. Unfortunately, this oversight, or neglect, lowers the rear seat user experience, and definitely creates quite a hassle for rear console owners if their passenger needs vary quite often.

In summary, I highly recommend the Tesla Premium Rear Seat Console for Tesla owners looking to complete the fit and finish and function of their Model S rear seat. However, I highly recommend Tesla address the lack of storage and cup holdres in the rear seat of the Model S. Many new Tesla owners are moving from Audi, BMW, and Mercedes, and this type of need was addressed decades ago and continues to evolve in their vehicles.

Below are some additional photos.


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