Pebble’s Three Biggest Problems

My three biggest gripes about Pebble. Three areas of execution where they simply lose compared to the other devices in my life.

  1. Too many firmware updates. Geez, do I really need a watch that nags me about firmware updates almost every other week? No. I want a smartwatch that’s smart enough to update in the background, or to save its updates for once a quarter at most. The only product I can think of that bugs me more about updates is Xbox, and that will get its own post sometime soon, so that’s not a good thing.
  2. Nagging. That’s right, as Pebble moved towards fitness tracking, it has become a nag. The designers behind the Pebble thought it would be cute to let you know how you are doing in terms of daily steps. The problem is that if you only use the Pebble for fitness, the minute you put it on your wrist for a run or swim, the dumb”watch” starts telling you how few steps you’ve achieved today and proceeds to insult you.
  3. Lack of Native Apps. Pebble relys too much on 3rd party apps. Pebble is Palm. Remember Palm? They also relied too much on 3rd party apps and in the end, couldn’t survive against Microsoft’s strong suite of native apps. Well history repeats itself with Pebble vs. Apple. Apple’s watch is out and has a strong suite of attractive native apps, making Pebble feel like a black and white relic of the past.

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