Audi Diesel 3.0 Settlement Status

It’s July 24th and still no word on what the Audi TDI 3.0 Settlement will be. Late last month Audi started telling everyone they would have this solved, it’s in the bag, no problem, we’ll fix your 3.0 and send you on your merry way, most likely with no settlement. Then CARB shut that down with a flat out rejection. So now we wait, with no clear end in sight.

Keep checking back to Advicebox for the latest on the 3.0 settlement. I have a story to tell about my own experience, and it’s a unique one. While most of you reading this at least have the benfit of ownership and use of your vehicle, Audi has flat out refused to deliver my Audi A7 TDI despite a valid lease and current payments. I’ll try to post in the next week.

Meanwhile, I wait with the rest of you to see how Audi is going to ultimately treat us 3.0 owners. The recent rejection is most likely going to bode better for us owners, so the silver lining is our settlements may have just risen. Time till tell.

7 thoughts on “Audi Diesel 3.0 Settlement Status

    1. What we know so far is that the Audi 2.0 settlement will be based on the value of the car “pre-scandal”, basically November 2015. So if one were to speculate, continued driving of your A7 shouldn’t have much of an impact on any future settlement. However, since the 3.0 is being handled in its own negotiation, with its own fixes and own proposed settlements, nobody can say for sure what Audi and the government will agree to. If I was you I would just continue to drive it as normal until we have more concrete news.


  1. The latest is that the SF judge is giving Audi & the Consumer Lawyers a little more time to reach agreement. It appears Audi has reached agreement with the regulators on what to do about the cars, some older 3.0 models will be bought back, while most newer models will get an update to fix the issues. The silver lining is that the additional time is needed for the consumer lawyers to try to get us 3.0 owners a settlement similar to what the 2.0 owners got. Audi is trying to avoid paying out the settlements to the 3.0 owners because, in my opinion, they don’t view their transgressions on the 3.0 in the same way they do on the 2.0. Cheating is cheating if you ask me, but I’m sure they know how to over complicate the issue when negotiating. So we wait till later December when hopefully there will be news.


  2. So, today is December 16th the day that we were supposed to hear the results. I have a 2014 3.0L Q5, have you heard anything? I’m surprised that nothing is on the net or news, at least nothing I found.


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